Problems Same Sex Couple Face

Couples in a same sex marriage experience all the standard marital issues that a heterosexual married couple face: financial arguments, tolerating the in-laws, styles of parenting, and so forth. But same sex couples also face problems that are unique because of the fact that they are the same sex.Discrimination is the leading cause of the problems. Getting married, reconciling religion, and having children are three problems that same sex spouses will encounter. Here are just some of the same sex marriage problems.

Getting married: Same sex marriage has been legal in the United States since 2015. For less than a year gay and lesbian couples have had permission from the government to get married. And this is threatened. Competing governments threaten to make same sex marriage illegal all the time! It is a constant topic in the current media. And even though it is currently legal there is still public disapproval; people think it is their business who loves and marries whom. There are judges who refuse to marry same sex couples and these cases go all the way to the Supreme Court. But whereas judges are obliged to marry same sex couples, churches are not.

Reconciling Religion: Some churches are welcoming and encouraging same sex couple to be married and welcoming them to the congregation. Some are not. Priests and ministers are not obliged to marry same sex couples and do not face any repercussions for refusing to do so. This can be humiliating to a same sex couple looking for a church to get married in. Particularly if it is their own that they have attended for years.

Having children: Same sex couples cannot have their own children. Unless one partner brings a child from a previous relationship into the marriage it may be very difficult to come by children if they want one. Biologically it is impossible. Friends or family or even strangers my volunteer as surrogates but that is rare. Heterosexual couples may experience problems conceiving, but the adoption process is much easier for them. Adoption is difficult for a same sex couples because there is still a stigma that homosexuality is wrong and that homosexuals will raise homosexuals. Two women adopting a child from a adoption agency is difficult. Two men adopting is near impossible.